31 Mar 2017

Why Work with Trikin Properties in St. Paul, MN for Professional Property Management


This is Curt Fluegel and Kyle Barrie joining you today to talk about Trikin Properties and why you should work with us when you’re looking for property management in St. Paul.

Management and Investment Experience

Kyle is a property manager who has been with us for a couple of months. He has 10 years of experience in property management, and he’s worked with single family residences, multi-unit buildings, and HOAs. He can answer any questions you might have about the property management industry.

Curt is our president and broker who got into his field 10 years ago, as an investment property owner. Like a lot of our current clients, he was buying single family homes and then duplexes and then started buying small apartment buildings. Now, he even owns commercial property. He has learned a lot about what owners are looking for and what their needs are. So, with Kyle’s experience managing properties and Curt’s experience as an owner, we really have a unique perspective in how we approach business.

Full Service St. Paul Property Management

We bring full service to our clients. One thing we do very well is maintenance. We have our own maintenance company called Landlord Repair. We have been doing this since our company’s inception, and we handle everything from remodels to basic maintenance. We even have our own software company that creates maintenance software and sells it to other people in the industry. As you can see, we have done maintenance so well that we do it for other companies. It’s one of our strongest areas.

Local Management Experience

We are based in St. Paul, so we’re local and we know the market. Our team knows St. Paul better than a lot of other companies in the area. Many property management companies have grown too large, and they don’t spend a lot of time customizing their services for your rental property in St. Paul.  We talk to the owners and the tenants we work with every day, and when you call us, you’ll speak to someone who knows your property.

Diverse Management Portfolio

For a small company, we have managed a lot of diverse properties. We handle single family homes and apartment buildings with up to 100 units. We own and manage commercial office buildings as well. We take the same professional, consistent approach no matter what we’re working with. Our experience covers a lot of different things.

Affiliations and Associations

We are leaders in our community. Trikin Properties belongs to the Minnesota Multi Housing Association (MHA), and Curt is an incoming board member. He has also served as a past president of the Minnesota chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM).  We believe strongly in education; we go to trade shows, we have daily meetings, and we pay attention to process and education.

If you would like to hear more about how we provide St. Paul property management, please contact us at Trikin Properties. We’d love to tell you more about us and hear about your investment property.


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