Our Process

From day one we have been

a paperless company

Property Management Process is critical. Without it you would be spending more money for less service. One way we provide better service for less money is by being paperless. Nearly every filing cabinet in the office is empty. Our software is also web based. We have always believed we must be agile. Anyone in our company should be able to access information anytime from anywhere.

We believe in cross-training as well. We strive that you will never have to be transferred all over the office to get what you need, or not be able to get answers because someone is out that day.

We are strong members in both of our trade associations, the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) and the Minnesota Multi-Housing Association (MHA). Training is something that never stops, so we attend seminars and training year round to make sure we are always update to date and the best at what we do.

We know there are hundreds of Property Managers in the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin. Our job is to be the best trained, the most agile, and the most customer focused. We are here to service you. We hope it shows in everything we do.

When you interview a Property Manager in Saint Paul, Minneapolis or throughout the Twin Cities, ask them, what is there process. How do they make sure everything is done the same way, the right way, every time? If they don’t have an answer, keep looking. Better yet, talk to us, Trikin Properties is there, with years worth of experience in create the best Property Management Process out there!



There have been ups and downs, but those have been about me learning how this goes. These people are real people who care about doing a good job for the people are working for.